Vacuum Pumps and System Set-up Kits

Our 115v Vacuum Pump -  quiet, compact, light weight.

The perfect power source for your Vacuum Chuck System.

This pump is compact at 15" long (including the filter/separater and gauge as shown) and 9" high with a weight of about 21 pounds.  Rated at 4.2 cfm and 1/3 hp, it has the power and cfm (cubic feet per minute) capability necessary for vacuum chucking on a woodturning lathe.  With a nice built-in carry handle it is also small and light weight enough for easy portability from one lathe to another, or for transporting to demo or show sites.  Quiet operation and 115v power are big pluses for this pump, and the included filter and vacuum gauge are also usable features.

Front view showing the filter, gauge, and bleed valve.  The filter may be easily rotated to any angle desired.

Rear quarter view showing the carry handle, cord, and switch.  Cord may be plugged into a switched outlet for convenience.

This product is an import. We would prefer offering a domestic pump, but domestic manufactured pumps are just too expensive for most turner's budget.  We’ve tested several different styles from various manufacturers and most are not really suitable for woodturning use.  Either there is too much oil mist exhausted into the air, too much noise, not enough cfm capacity to keep up with the leakage turners may encounter, or just poor quality. The pump passed all the tests with high marks.

This is an oilless diaphragm type pump.  The advantage of the diaphragm pump over others is that it provides a high flow-rate for the given horsepower. The limitation is that it cannot pull 26-28” of Hg – the limit is about 23".  As with all vacuum pumps, the performance will be variable based on the altitude (ambient pressure) where it is being used.  That's not a problem for us, since we really never need more vacuum power - I rarely, if ever, exceed 18-20 inches when vacuum chucking.  However, we frequently need to deal with leaky work pieces and this pump's high flow-rate is a definite advantage when leaks are unavoidable.

The pump is extremely quiet and the large, soft rubber feet dampen the vibration factor that is common with all diaphragm type pumps.  We feel confident that you will like this pump. It will give you good service at a very reasonable price - you will be happy.

What You Get

  • 1/3 HP Diaphragm pump, 4.2 cfm, 115V operation
    • Vacuum gauge – it is metric, so is marked in mm. of Hg rather than inches.
    • Input separater/filter
      • You may wish to bypass these in favor of our more efficient Vacuum System Hardware Kit option (offered below) that includes a large capacity filter and all hardware necessary to build your system.
  • Integral bleed valve that is built into the pump's diaphragm head – you may want to add another bleed valve more convenient to your work.  See our Vacuum System Hardware Kit, offered below.
  • 1 year warranty – you pay shipping one way. We will repair or replace the pump. The warranty is void if there is evidence that the pump was run without a filter in place or if there is clear evidence of misuse.

Read about setting up a system here -

We highly recommend the use of our Vacuum System Hardware Kit with this pump, as it provides the proper gauge, filter, valve, and correct fittings for a quick and easy system set-up.  See this kit further down on this page.

Special Notice!!

At the present time we are experiencing a supply problems with the Vacuum Pumps.  Please do not order a pump using the shopping cart button below.  Additional information will be posted as soon as possible.  

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The price for the pump including filter and gauge is $210.00, plus $25.00 shipping, direct from warehouse.

(Domestic U.S. orders only - for International orders, contact us)


Vacuum System Hardware Kit

Everything you need to connect your pump and complete your vacuum system.

Vacuum System Hardware Kit  - all components shown above are included

Our System Hardware Kit contains the following items:

  • A compact custom made vacuum manifold - places gauge and control valve at your finger tips - provides alternate mounting options for all situations - includes a storage "mast" to hold the adapter when not in use.
  • A large legible vacuum gauge - can be adjusted for best viewing angle.
  • A 1/4 turn Brass ball valve - controls vacuum pressure appllied to the vacuum chuck - easy finger-tip operation.
  • A large, high-capacity paper element air filter - clear canister for quick inspection - installed between the manifold and the pump.   Recommended for maximum protection of the vacuum pump.
  • Adapter bushing to allow use of either or both filters.
  • Required threaded hose fittings & hose connectors .
  • 10' of nylon-reinforced vinyl tubing.
  • Required hose retainer ties.
  • A roll of teflon tape to seal all threaded connections.
  • Installation instructions and a sample system diagram.
  • NOTE: - exact style, color or material of components may vary.

All of the major components of this package have been field tested for over two years in our shop and have proven to be reliable.  There are alternate mounting holes on three sides of the manifold, providing for  any mounting method you  prefer.  Industrial Strength Velcro fastening material is also included to mount the manifold to the side or back of the headstock on lathes where adequate space exists.  View the document "Installing the Vacuum System Hardware Kit" on our Product Installation Instructions page.


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The price for the Vacuum System Hardware Kit is $135.00

(Domestic U.S. orders only - for International orders, contact us)


Front of manifold - gauge, valve, fittings in place - mounting holes on side Side - mounting holes, Precision Vacuum Adapter in "stored" position
High capacity filter - 8" tall x 3.5" diameter Side - all fittings & storage mast installed